What is a giclée print?

A Giclée is a reproduction created by scanning an original watercolor at a high resolution and printing one at a time on an Iris inkjet printer. The beauty of Giclée prints is that they capture all the nuances of the original artwork and, because they are printed one at a time, they allow for a wide variety of texts and personalization at the time of printing. The Giclée ketubah prints that I am offering are printed with lightfast archival inks, not dyes, on 100% cotton, acid-free Arches watercolor paper.

Custom Ketubah Prints 

A custom ketubah print is one that has been modified for your ceremony. There are four categories of customization: texts, quotations, colors, and symbols.

  • Texts– I can typeset any text you supply. I can also have an English text translated into Hebrew.
  • Quotations- Many of my prints include quotations. You can change or omit the quotations.
  • Colors- Colors can be changed on the prints. For example, on the Arabesque print you might want the design to be in blue instead of copper.
  • Symbols- I can remove or add symbols to your ketubah print. For example, on the Rainbow ketubah I can replace the intertwining tree on the top with the wedding chuppah. Or add a painting of your dog to a print.


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