Animals in Ketubah Art (part 1)

There’s a long history of animals in ketubah art, both as symbols and as ornament. You’ve got your lions, bears, deer, doves, fish, as well as all the symbols on the zodiac (only backwards). Roosters make occasional appearances as do chickens and peacocks and once I even found a mermaid! I’m devoting a number of […]

Ketubah Signing Ceremony

In a  Jewish wedding, there is a ketubah signing ceremony before the actual wedding where two witnesses sign the marriage contract. It usually takes place in a private room attended by the officiant, the wedding couple, the witnesses, close family and possibly a few dear friends. It’s considered a honor to be included in the […]

Same Sex Ketubahs Giclée Prints

Same sex marriages have been legal in all 50 states for 7 months now.  Obergefell v. Hodges found that  the fundamental right to marry is guaranteed to same sex couples under the Due Process and the Equal Protection Clauses of the 14th Amendment.  I can finally do same sex ketubahs for all of my gay […]

Ketubah Art 101: Dogs in Ketubah Art

Ok, we know you love each other. That’s why you’re getting married. But who really has the strongest hold on your heart? Not your spouse, your best friend, your parents, your siblings. It’s your dog. (Or maybe your cat.) And very rarely, your pet hedgehog. Whether you’re bringing your own pets to your marriage or […]

Tree Ketubah on Wood Panel

  I’m excited to offer two tree ketubah prints on wood panels–the Intertwining Tree Ketubah, and the Fall Intertwining Tree Ketubah.  They’re printed on 1/2″ thick, smooth maple panels and include a mounting hook which projects about an inch from the wall. So they come ready for hanging. Yes, it’s initially more expensive than printing […]

New Website for Custom Ketubah!

Sometimes life gets in the way of the best intentions. In a big way. More than six years ago I decided I needed a new website for Custom Ketubah. About the same time my elderly parents really started to fail–my mother’s mild cognitive impairment became more pronounced and converted to Alzheimer’s,  and my father, who […]

Calligraphy and Ketubah Beginnings

Maybe some people still remember the pleasure of idly leafing through a volume of the encyclopedia and coming on a page that stops you in your tracks. When I was about 7, that page was in the first volume of the World Book under the entry for alphabet. There were illustrations of Roman, Gothic, Italic […]

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