Coloring Book DIY Ketubah — Get Out Your Crayons

In March of 2015  I read an article in the New York Times about coloring books for grown-ups. And one in April from CNN reporting how adult coloring books are topping best seller lists. Recently I found out that my sister-in-law colors while watching TV and that women are getting together for coloring book parties (haven’t heard about any for men, but you never know). Bookstores can’t keep coloring books for grown-ups on the shelves, they’re so popular. People do it as a meditative, relaxing,  stress-relieving activity.  And I was thinking, what could be more stressful than planning a wedding? Maybe there should be a coloring book DIY ketubah as a calm island in that sea of decisions, deadlines, deposits and general derangement.

So I’m pleased to introduce my first ketubah to color in yourself (or leave in black and white if you’d like). It’s printed on archival paper and you can use either colored pencils or markers but I’d suggest markers that are archival so they don’t fade. I can see a coloring book ketubah shower where you get together with your closest friends and assign each of them a color. Have fun!

Final Coloring with text

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