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Sometimes life gets in the way of the best intentions. In a big way. More than six years ago I decided I needed a new website for Custom Ketubah. About the same time my elderly parents really started to fail–my mother’s mild cognitive impairment became more pronounced and converted to Alzheimer’s,  and my father, who as a neurologist had specialized in dementia and gerontology,  started falling and failing as well. (He was later diagnosed with Frontotemporal Dementia). Every time I started to make headway on the website a crisis would occur and I’d get derailed for months at a time while one or the other of them was in the hospital, recuperating after a hospitalization, or needing me to arrange major changes in their lives. I could write a book! (if you have elderly parents and haven’t read Can’t We Talk About Something More Pleasant by Roz Chast, get it now and give it to all your friends with elderly parents).


Years passed. New attempts were made. Over and over again. And still no Custom Ketubah website. I was holding on by a thread with my old, outdated one which was beginning to be something of an embarrassment. In the meantime I was learning a huge amount about how to be a one-person social service agency for the elderly and also, what not to do to my daughter as I age. Maybe in the next six years I’ll do a website about that! Not what I had set out to do, but valuable all the same.

So, after six very long years, I am thrilled to announce that my new website is online! There are a lot of new ketubah print designs as well as many new handmade ketubahs. I hope you’ll let me know (in a very kind and gentle way) where you find an error, a broken link, or just something that doesn’t work. And maybe even let me know what does work, what you like and what you would like to see more of.

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