Bouquet Ketubah Print


Lilies and snapdragons are the central motif in this giclée ketubah print. “Set me as a Seal upon your Heart” and “ I am my Beloved’s and My Beloved is Mine” are written in English and Hebrew around a medallion of two begonias. Customization available for changing flower colors and quotations as well as background color.

Archival giclée print on Arches Aquarelle 100% cotton paper. Paper size is 24″ x 18″.


Ordering a Ketubah Print

These Ketubah Prints are available as seen in the gallery. In the ordering process you’ll choose the appropriate print version, the material on which it’s printed, whether or not you want it personalized, the text(s), your ideas for customization, and your method of shipping.

Ketubah Options- all prints are available in straight, gay and lesbian versions. Choose which option is appropriate for your wedding.

Material – ketubahs can be printed on paper (100% cotton Arches watercolor paper); on canvas unstretched with a 2” border if you choose to stretch it later; or canvas stretched on 1.25′′ deep wooden stretchers. Some ketubah prints are available on 1/2” thick maple wood ready for hanging, eliminating any need for framing.


All texts have blanks to fill in the names of the couple (with optional names of their parents), the date of the wedding, the city and state of the marriage. Most couples elect to have these filled in before their wedding so the personalization information matches the font of the text, but you can have your officiant do it at the ceremony.

Add personalization $75

After you go through the ordering process and pay for your ketubah print, you will be sent a link to download the personalization PDF.


You’ll be asked to choose one of my texts, included in the price of a ketubah print (see Choosing your Ketubah Texts below) or you can supply your own for an additional charge. After I receive your order I will send a pdf of the texts to be approved by you and your officiant.
Custom Texts –

English $50
Hebrew $125
English and Hebrew $150
Please note that you’ll need permission to use someone else’s texts. I offer translation services from English to Hebrew at $1.25 word.


Here you can choose options for customizing your ketubah print in the following ways:


You can change/add a quotation to your ketubah print. Add quotation $65


I can also customize the imagery of these computerized prints. Often clients want me to add an illustration of their dog or cat, or some other meaningful symbol. I do a painting of what you want, scan it, and add it to the print file, making it a print unique to you.
Add symbol $50/per image

Add a scene (landscape, cityscape, multiple figures) $200


You can make certain color changes to customize your print. For example, you might want flowers to be the same color as ones in your wedding or change the color of a bird from blue to red.
1-3 simple color changes $100
contact me for a quote for more extensive color changes

Choosing Your Ketubah Texts

Here’s a guide for choosing a text for your wedding. Besides Hebrew/Aramaic and English texts. I’ve also done them in Spanish, French, Japanese and Yiddish. Ask me about translation services.

The price of a ketubah print includes one of my text combinations. You can decide to leave the fill-ins (names, date of wedding, etc.) blank for your officiant to complete, or have me personalize the texts. If you provide a different text there is an additional fee.

If you are having a hand-made ketubah, the cost includes your choice of any texts.


The Traditional Orthodox ketubah text, written in Aramaic, is a legal formula stating the terms of the marriage and giving the bride property rights. Because there can be slight variations in spelling depending on your rabbi, it’s very important that the text is approved by your officiant.

Some Orthodox rabbis allow an English text, others don’t. Some allow for the use of the mother’s Hebrew name, others not. There is a special section on the order form for these details. The English texts are not translations of the Aramaic.

Traditional Orthodox Aramaic
Orthodox Aramaic with Love & Integrity English
Orthodox Aramaic with Wisdom & Reverence English


The Conservative text, written in Aramaic, is similar to the Orthodox. There is some egalitarian language and the inclusion of the Lieberman Clause stating that in the case of divorce, the husband must grant his wife a get (Jewish divorce decree) so she can be remarried in a Jewish ceremony. You can usually have any English text you want in combination with the Aramaic. The English is not a translation of the Aramaic. Here are some combinations.

Conservative Aramaic with Equal Partners English
Conservative Aramaic with Love & Integrity English
Conservative Aramaic with Wisdom & Reverence English
Conservative Aramaic with Apache Wedding Blessing


For a Reform/Reconstructionist wedding ceremony, you may choose to have your vows in Hebrew and English, or just English. The English of these texts is a direct translation of the Hebrew.

Equal Partners Hebrew & English
Apache Wedding Blessing Hebrew & English
Love and Integrity Hebrew & English
Wisdom & Reverence Hebrew & English


The Interfaith text is written specifically for Interfaith couples, and it’s possible to modify other texts, such as Equal Partners, to make them appropriate. For an Interfaith wedding, the text can be both in English and Hebrew or just English.

Interfaith Hebrew & English
Apache Wedding Blessing Hebrew & English


I have several texts specifically written for same-sex marriages. Blessing for Two Women is used by permission of Rabbi Leila Berner. Other texts can be modified as well. Please ask!

Blessing for Two Women Hebrew & English
Equal Partners 2 Women
Equal Partners 2 Men
Wisdom and Reverence 2 Women
Wisdom and Reverence 2 Men
Lesbian 1 Hebrew & English
Lesbian 2 Hebrew & English
Gay 1 Hebrew & English
Gay 2 Hebrew & English
Apache Blessing Lesbian
Apache Blessing 2 Men


Here are two versions of anniversary texts. Other texts can be modified as appropriate.

Anniversary 1 Hebrew & English
Anniversary 2 Hebrew & English


I can work with any text that you provide as well as modify existing texts.

Interfaith  English
Apache Blessing English