Me, with some of my collection of windup toys.

There are so many choices to make when you’re planning a wedding. Looking for a ketubah can be as overwhelming as deciding on the venue, the band, the food, the flowers, and all the rest, but unlike those other choices, your ketubah is going to be with you for your entire marriage.

If you’re like most couples, you have definite ideas about what you want in your first piece of art together. But how do you take those ideas and make them into a coherent, beautiful work of art that reflects your unique vision?

That’s my favorite part of being a ketubah artist.  I take very different ideas and make them work together, somewhat like marriage itself! I love exploring your ideas and histories then translating them into a new visual statement. I’ve done it for over a thousand brides and grooms for almost thirty years.

I think I was destined to make ketubahs. As a child, when I wasn’t drawing or painting, I used to copy different alphabets I found in the encyclopedia. My grade school homework assignments had some very fancy titles and illustrations!  Making ketubahs brings those two passions together.

After college and a 5-year stay in New York where I studied Hebrew and English calligraphy, I went back to school to get a Masters in Fine Arts in Painting from Indiana University. I taught art at Miami University of Ohio while painting and exhibiting around the United States.

I started Custom Ketubah in 1995 when I moved back to Atlanta, adding a line of giclée prints a few years later. In addition to my work with ketubahs and Bar/Bat Mitzvah certificates, I design tallitot (prayer shawls), fabric banners for synagogues and just about anything else that can be made with paint, calligraphy, or fabric.

I’m the mother of one daughter, a dog, and aquatic turtles. Besides being an artist, I’m an avid vegetarian cook, reader, traveler, and hiker in the woods with my dog.

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